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Types of Funds

One of the greatest advantages of using the Southwest Florida Community Foundation to reach your philanthropic goals is our flexibility. Funds can be tailored to the philanthropic interest of each donor. The following types of funds are available:

Community Unrestricted

Community Unrestricted Funds are flexible and responsive to emerging and changing community needs. Because donors do not limit the fund to a single cause or purpose, the Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees can be more responsive to the immediate needs of the community.

Field of Interest

Field-of-Interest funds allow donors to support causes addressing specific areas of interest, such as education, health, the arts, or animal welfare. The donors decide which area(s) they want to support without having to name a specific nonprofit organization.

Charitable Gift Annuities (CGAs)

We work with each donor to establish what areas of the community their funds will support after their death. In exchange for their contribution of cash, stock, or other property, donors are assured a lifetime of payments that are made monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. In addition to the steady income of these fixed payments, donors enjoy certain tax advantages, such as reduced probate costs and estate taxes. If the annuity is funded with appreciated assets, the capital gains tax is applied to only a portion of the gain and is reported over the donor’s life expectancy. The size of payments is determined by the size of the contribution, the donor’s age at the time the gift annuity is established, and if the annuity covers one or two people.


Donor-Advised Funds, which are simple, affordable, and flexible charitable giving tools, allow a donor to provide advice to the Community Foundation on awards to charities. Sometimes donors have specific groups they know they want to recommend for support from their funds; others welcome the opportunity to work with the Community Foundation’s experienced staff to identify groups and areas they want to support, and to think about how to give in a strategic way.


Designated Funds allow donors to support specific nonprofit organizations through an endowed fund, supporting the organizations long into the future. And if, in the future, an organization no longer exists or does not offer programs the donor intended to support, the Community Foundation will identify another nonprofit organization that meets the donor’s charitable goals.

Agency Endowment

Agency Endowments are long-term funds held and managed by the Community Foundation on behalf of a nonprofit organization. The nonprofit organization may receive the annual proceeds or roll the amount over to build the endowment for the future. The fund is owned by the Community Foundation on behalf of the charitable agency.


Scholarship Funds are dedicated to the continued education or training of young people or adults. Scholarship programs may be designed to meet the donor’s interests and specifications (e.g. academic achievement, living in a particular geographic region, studying a specific subject, etc.)

Women's Legacy Fund

The WLF's Mission is to engage women in effecting change in our community through collective philanthropy. We Inspire, Educate, Empower.


Bonita Springs Community Fund

Established in 1997, this special fund supports the communities of the greater Bonita Springs area by providing grants to local nonprofits.


FutureMakers: 3D Initiative

As leaders of community agencies, we know you face incredible challenges. WE WANT TO HELP YOU & YOUR ORGANIZATION SUCCEED.