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Scholarship Directories

The Scholarship Application Process is open December 20, 2013 - March 1, 2014.

The Southwest Florida Community Foundation offers many scholarships for high school seniors wanting to continue their education at the university, community college or vocational/technical school level.

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The New 2014 Directory of Scholarships for Undergraduate and Graduate Students. PDF DOWNLOAD

The Southwest Florida Community Foundation is currently compiling a regional directory of scholarship opportunities to better serve the students of Southwest Florida. Below are several links to local colleges and universities as well as other community foundations with scholarship opportunities. As we get more information on other funding sources, we will continue to add them to this list.

Any organization wishing to contribute to this directory may contact us at 239-274-5900.

[Note: The appearance of hyperlinks to outside websites does not necessarily constitute or imply endorsement by the Southwest Florida Community Foundation.]

Colleges and Universities With Scholarship Opportunities







If you represent a college or university and would like to have a scholarship link from this page, please contact us at239-274-5900.

List of Community Foundation Scholarship Funds

(Arranged alphabetically by principal last name)

Jordan Abdo Memorial Fund (2002) For a North Fort Myers High School student athlete with a GPA of 3.0 to 3.5.

American Association of University Women Mary Sue Gottcent Memorial Scholarship Fund (2006) For Lee County women who are enrolled in accredited programs of study at either 2- or 4-year accredited institutions. Preference to women 25 and older.

Judge Isaac Anderson, Jr. Scholarship Fund (2008) For a Lee County high school senior who can demonstrate financial need, a GPA of 3.0+, and b ties to the community through extracurricular activities, religious endeavors, or community service.

Lewis B. Barber Memorial Scholarship Fund (1986) Books and tuition for students pursuing either of the following educational paths: 1) certification to teach the deaf and blind; 2) seminary or pre-seminary school to study church, Christian music or Christian education.

Daniel J. & Jane H. Berktold Columbia College Scholarship Fund (2007) For a student who demonstrates financial need and is attending Columbia College.

Jane H. Berktold Scholarship Fund (2008) For graduates of Lee County public high schools.

James Bilder Scholarship Fund (1992) Tuition for high school students to pursue vocational or technical studies.

Jane Cavanna Bleakly Scholarship Fund (2003) For a Haddonfield New Jersey High School student for higher educational studies.

John S. Bleakly Scholarship Fund (2003) For a Rutgers School of Law student.

Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce/Ralph A. Richardson Fund (2001) For a Bonita Springs area student.

Carl E. Brooks Scholarship Fund (1998) For college bound students of one or more immigrant parents.

Certified Public Accountant’s Scholarship Fund (2008) Tuition, books, and/or fees for an undergraduate or graduate student from Southwest Florida majoring in accounting and planning to attend a post-secondary institution in the 5-county area of Lee, Charlotte, Hendry, Glades or Collier counties.

John & Ruth Childe Scholarship Fund (2003) For a student with a physical disability to pursue higher education in a college, university or technical school.

City of Sanibel Employee Dependent Scholarship Fund (2005) For dependents of Sanibel City employees to attend a college or university.

College Assistance Scholarship Fund (1999) Books, lab fees, or any expenses related to student’s academic costs.

Couse-Gram Scholarship Fund (2006) For a Moore Haven High School student pursuing post-secondary education.

D & A Florida (2003) For a high school senior with a GPA 3.5+ with financial need attending: FGCU, UFGainesville, FSU-Tallahassee, Flagler College, Stetson Univ., Univ. of Miami, Univ. of Tampa, or Embry Riddle Aeronautical Univ./Daytona Beach.

Drs Ira and Udaya Dash Nursing Scholarship Fund (2007) For a student studying nursing at Edison College or FGCU.

Dunbar Heritage Scholarship (2000) For a Dunbar High School graduate of African-American descent to pursue a bachelor’s degree at an accredited college.

Anne M. Fassett Scholarship Fund (2000) For posthigh school education at the college, community college, or technical school level for men and women with a physical disability who use a wheelchair.

Paul B. and Aline Flynn Scholarship Fund (2007) For students pursuing a degree from a 4-year accredited college in communications or journalism.

Charles & Margaret Foster Scholarship Fund (2006) For two high school seniors: one attending the UF and studying environmental studies or environmental education and one attending FSU and studying music.

Doris W. Frey Memorial Scholarship Fund (2003) For students studying Christian ministry/youth ministry, Christian counseling, nursing or medicine.

Bruce T. Gora Photography Scholarship (2010) For an incoming Junior or Senior to an accredited Florida college, university, or applicable technical school who is a Fine Arts major focusing in photography.

William L. Graddy Law School Scholarship Fund (1998) For students who have completed their first year at an accredited law school.

Francis Harris Gresham Scholarship Fund (1998) Tuition for college bound seniors from Lee County high schools.

Matt Harmon Memorial Scholarship Fund (1997) Books and tuition for college-bound baseball players.

High Tech Center Central Scholarship Fund (2000) For students/clients of Cornerstone Ministries and Teen Challenge.

John Hotchkiss Scholarship Fund (2004) For Florida Prepaid scholarships to sixth grade students upon successful completion of a mentoring program and high school graduation.

Chip Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund (1991) For students who have completed 60 hours of college and plan to attend Barry, FGCU, Nova, Edison or International College.

George E. Judd Scholarship Fund (1989) Tuition for graduating seniors pursuing higher education in the fine or performing arts.

Keen Family Nursing Scholarship Fund (1996) For students who are motivated and academically qualified but are without the means to pursue an education in nursing.

Doc Keen Memorial Scholarship Fund (2006) For a person who belonged to 4-H or Future Farmers of America and attended Moore Haven, Clewiston, or LaBelle high school pursuing agricultural and vocational training.

Isabel Mayer Kirkpatrick Scholarship Fund (1983) Tuition for high school graduates with a “B” average (3.0 - 3.7).

Robert A. Kleckner Scholarship Fund (2006) For a high school, undergraduate, or graduate student pursuing a career in finance or accounting.

Lee County Library Sciences Scholarship Fund (2005) Beginning in the year 2015, this fund will provide scholarships for Lee County residents pursuing a Bachelor or Master degree in Library Science who have completed at least 60 semester hours and have at least a “B” average.

Love of Bonita Empowerment Scholarship Fund (2002) Books, tuition and/or course fees for Bonita Springs residents to attend a college or technical school.

Carol Patti McLaughlin Scholarship Fund (2008) For a student pursuing a 4-year degree at an accredited college or university who has a GPA of 3.3 or higher, demonstrates community service and is from Lee, Charlotte, Glades or Hendry county.

Ruth Messmer Scholarship Fund (2000) For women pursuing a business career in college.

Julie Willard Mikell Fund (2010) For a Lee County high school senior to attend 2- or 4-year regionally accredited college or university, who can demonstrate financial need, a GPA of 3.0+, and can demonstrate b ties to the community through extracurricular activities, religious endeavors, or community service.

Judge William J. Nelson Scholarship Fund (2006) For a high school senior who will be attending the University of Florida.

James D. & Eleanor F. Newton Children’s Fund (2004) For Edison Science and Inventors’ Fair Awards.

Joanne Olmsted Scholarship Fund (2004) For Florida Prepaid scholarships to sixth grade students upon successful completion of a mentoring program and high school graduation.

Robert B. and Dorothy Pence Scholarship Fund (1997) For tuition for economically disadvantaged students to attend college or technical school.

Chet and Janett Perry Scholarship Fund (2006) For a student pursuing a career in accounting.

Faye Lynn Roberts Education Scholarship Fund (2002) For women pursuing a career in technical studies, court reporting, computer training or nursing.

David G. Robinson Arts Scholarship Fund (1999) Tuition for high school seniors who plan to study the arts in college.

Sanibel Community Church Scholarship Fund: Next Generation Fund Trust (2008) For a child or grandchild of a member of Sanibel Community Church.

Robert C. and Margaret A. Schikora Scholarship Fund (1988) For a high school student with a “B” average to pursue post-secondary educational opportunities, trade/ technical school, undergraduate work, post-graduate work, and professional education.

John M. and Mary A. Shanley Memorial Scholarship (2001) For a 4-year scholarship to students studying medicine, law, dentistry, teaching (math & science), ministry, engineering, accounting, agriculture, architecture or computer science.

John and Ellen Sheppard Humane Student Scholarship Fund (2011) to the Fund Descriptions and Scholarship Directories Page.  The wording should read: For high school seniors with a belief in a universal creator of life who are actively involved in school and student life with a commitment to help others through volunteer work in community, charitable, or religious organizations.

Jay Sheppard Memorial Scholarship Fund (1980) For a Bishop Verot student in financial need.

Ellen Sheppard Scholarship Fund (2010) For a high school Senior or a student currently enrolled in an accredited college or university pursuing a degree in Art (specifically visual arts-painting, photography, or sculpture) or Nursing.

Anne Sturrock Nursing (2001) For a student pursuing nursing who is a member or a child of a member of St. Andrew Catholic Church, Cape Coral.

Edna & Felix Swain Scholarship Fund (2003) For a student going to college who is a parishioner of Mt. Olive Church.

Southwest Florida Deputy Sheriffs Association Fund (2006) For high school students who are dependents of law enforcement officers.

John I. & Madeleine R. Taeni Scholarship Fund (2002) For students pursuing degrees in teaching, nursing, paramedic training or emergency medical technician training.

Quality Life Center/Emma Lee Thomas Memorial Scholarship Fund (1999) For high school graduates affiliated with Quality Life Center to pursue further education.

Richard S. Thompson and Marion L. Thompson Memorial Fund (2008) For Lee County students pursuing a post high school science education.

United Christian Giving/Hodges University Scholarship Fund (2005) For a Hodges University student from a Christian nonprofit supported by United Christian Giving.

Frances H. Waldron Scholarship Fund (2010) For a high school graduate of Immokalee High School in the current school year with a GPA within the range of (and including) 3.2 to 3.4.

Other Foundations and Organizations With Scholarship Opportunities

Charlotte Community Foundation

Community Foundation of Collier County

Ding Darling Wildlife Society

Lee County Mathematics Council Scholarship
Lee County Mathematics Council Scholarship.doc (33.5 KB .doc)

Zonta Club of Bonita Springs
Offers several grants and student scholarships

Scholarship Applicant FAQ's

Q. When is the scholarship application deadline?

A. The deadline is March 1, 2014 by 5 pm Eastern Time.

Q. What are the Scholarship Criteria questions at the top of each application?

A. Each scholarship has different eligibility criteria based upon the wishes of the donor who established the scholarship, and each scholarship application has screening questions that must be answered to determine if you are eligible to apply for the scholarship.  If you cannot answer “Yes” to these screening questions, you are ineligible for the scholarship and are advised not to complete the application. 

Q. I don’t have my Fall 2013 Semester grades yet.  Will you accept a transcript without my Fall grades?

A. No, we will need a transcript that includes your Fall grades in order to consider your application complete.  Until you have your transcript in hand you can work on other parts of your application, as you can save your application as a draft and return to it at anytime.

Q. How do I upload the required documents to my application?

A. If the document is already saved on your computer, you can click the “Browse” button on the application and select the document to upload.  If you have access to a scanner, you can scan the document and then upload it.  If the file size is too large, your scanner may be set at too high a resolution; consider changing it to 150 dpi.  For transcripts and letters of recommendation that may be more than one page, make sure that you upload all of the pages as one document.  If you upload pages individually, the new upload will override the previous upload.

If you do not have access to a scanner, or the file size is too large, consider using the Fax to File feature in the application.  This tool allows you to fax documents to your application for uploading.  Once you are given a toll-free fax number, you have 20 minutes to fax the needed documents for conversion to a PDF document.  Once you are finished faxing you can click the “Finished Faxing” button to see your list of files, which you can then download to your computer for uploading to the appropriate part of your application.  The Fax to File feature is located on the left hand side of each application.

Be sure to save your application each time you upload documents, and always double check your uploads to make sure all of your documents uploaded correctly.

Q. I don’t have access to a scanner or fax machine.  What do I do? 

A. Start by talking to your guidance counselor at school to see if the school has equipment that you can access.  If that is not an option please contact the Community Foundation, as we want to ensure that all eligible students have the opportunity to complete an application and are happy to assist you.  However, do not send us copies of the required attachments, as everything must be submitted online, and hard copies will not be accepted.

Q. Instead of uploading my SAT and ACT scores, can I just upload my transcript since my scores are on the transcript?

A. No, you must upload a copy of your scores, and it is preferable that you upload them as a PDF or JPEG document.  We have volunteer community members who assist us in reviewing the applications, and they need to be able to open and view a copy of your test scores.

Q. How long does my Personal Essay have to be?

A. You have the equivalent of two typed pages available for the essay.  The essay is a very important part of your application, as it helps the reviewers get to know you and can help you stand out from the other applicants. You should use the full space available, and we recommend that you copy and paste from a Word document so that you can check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.  You might want to copy and paste from Word for all application questions requiring a written response, as these questions are the same on each application.

Q. Do my letters of recommendation have to be signed and on letterhead?

A. Yes, they do, and if you have more than one letter, they must be uploaded together as one document.

Q. What financial documentation is required for those scholarships for which financial need is a consideration?

A. You must include a copy of your Student Aid Report (SAR) from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (or FAFSA), which is an application students and their families must complete in order to be considered for federal financial aid, and many states and schools also use the FAFSA as part of their application process for non-federal aid.  The Student Aid Report (SAR) is the report received by the student that summarizes the student’s financial need and provides the official EFC (Expected Family Contribution) number.  You must also include a copy of pages 1 and 2 of your family’s tax return, and both documents must be uploaded together as one document.

Be sure and talk to your parents about the documentation required so that there is plenty of time to gather the information needed prior to the March 1 deadline, as we cannot review incomplete applications.

Q. How will I be notified if I am awarded a scholarship?

A. If you are awarded a scholarship, you will be notified by letter sometime in May.  If you are not notified, it means that you were not awarded a scholarship this year.

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