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2015 UNITE Award Application Questions


To apply for the 2015 UNITE Award, please complete the online application on the portal to the right of this page. This document is not an award application; it is provided for reference only.

1. Tell us about your collaboration

Formation (5 points)

  • Why was the collaboration formed and who was involved in its formation?
  • How was it formed?
  • What challenges did you face in creating the collaboration and how did you overcome them?

Structure (15 points)

  • How is the collaboration structured, including its management structure?
  • How are decisions made and conflicts resolved?
  • How are the communities that you serve involved in the design, decision making and leadership of the collaboration?

2. Tell us about your work

Purpose and Goals (25 points)

  • What are the scope and goals of your collaboration?
  • How do you execute these goals?
  • What makes your collaboration unique and/or innovative?
  • What challenges has your collaboration faced when executing your goals and how have you overcome them?

Results to Date (40 points)

  • Describe the collaboration's overall approach to evaluation.
  • Describe how you demonstrate the collaboration's impact.
  • Tell us about your results – what benefits (from collaborating) have you realized?
  • In what way is the collaboration a valuable model from which others can learn or benefit, or which others can replicate?

Planning (5 points)

  • Describe how the collaboration engages in planning and describe the focus of any current planning efforts. Does the collaboration have a strategic plan? If so, tell us about it.

Anticipated Challenges and Opportunities (5 points)

  • Describe the challenges and opportunities facing the collaboration in the next three to five years.

3. Tell us about your budget (5 points)

  • What is the nature of the financial relationship between members of the collaboration?
  • Describe how your collaboration would spend the Award if received.

Attachments to be uploaded

  • IRS determination letter for lead organization
  • Documentation of collaboration structure (memorandum of understanding, contract, or merger agreement)
  • Participant Endorsement Forms – please compile multiple pages into one single PDF for upload.
  • Collaboration budget

NOTE: If you are chosen as one of the three finalists, a site visit will be conducted to meet key members of your collaboration and to gather additional information.

An important goal of the Award is to inspire and advance the collaborative spirit in the nonprofit sector. As such, the prize winner will be invited to share information about the collaboration at Myers Brettholtz's Nonprofit Seminar in January 2015.

Materials submitted as part of the application may be published for educational purposes.


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Bonita Springs Community Fund

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